Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fat Mommy Needs Help

This fat mommy needs help!

I am admitting I have a problem and I need to get healthier! I need to get fitter!

I want to be fit and fabulous!

I have tried every diet under the sun and don't really know what to do next.

It has to be Frugal.

It has to help me break bad habits.

I want to walk a few blocks without pausing for a breath. I want to chase and play with Roo.

I know I need help!

What is working for you as you get fit, firm and faulous?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday -Another View of Nova Scotia

This is one of my favorite shots and this was taken not far from home.
Can you say I live in one beautiful part of the country.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bullying Revisited

Remember how I wrote awhile back about Roo being bullied. Well the saga continues. First about 10 days ago I wrote a letter to the editor of of local paper, it was published on Friday. Really I do believe we as parents can do better for our own children and those around us. You can read it here.

Then on Wednesday evening there was a knock at the door. I thought it was my landlord returning as he had just been at my residence to fix a pipe that was leaking. It wasn't him. It was two of the mothers of children who have been bullying my daughter. One was accusing me of trying to run her daughter down with my car. She then assaulted me. I was hit several times on the face, arms and body. She left as my 11 year old daughter ran and grabbed the phone and called 911.

Funny thing is, I don't own a car and I don't have a driver's license. I was assaulted because I have been filing police reports about the bullying I believe. The woman was charged with unlawful entry and assault. She has been released from custody already and that does scare me a bit, but she has conditions she can not come near me or my child or have any indirect contact. I am concerned for my own safety as well as that of my child.

But something needs to be done to stop the bullying here in town and if it takes me taking a stand then so be it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: The Birds of Pictou County

These Birds can be found just off the causeway going from Pictou to New Glasgow.
They are a sight I look forward to as I drive from my house to my mom's

ps. Sorry I havent posted in the last week. I got sick and am now just finally starting to get better.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: I Would Rather

I would rather not post a picture of a bullied child.
When will bullying stop?

I would rather post pictures of a daughter that is happy.
Here with her hat creation.

More and more I think parents need to stand up, and press for reform when it comes to the amount of bullying that can be found in schools today.

Monday, May 11, 2009

What Will It Take?

What will it take?

What will it take to put a stop to the bullying that goes on in schools everywhere everyday day?

What will it take for a bullied child to get the protection and services they need?

What will it take for the the bullier to get the help they so desperately need as well?

What will it take for children to understand that every other person deserves respect?

What will it take for a child to come home happy from school?

What will it take in your community and mine?

The facts speak for themselves. Each year more children are hurt at the hands of other children each year, little is done. Each year teens commit suicide because of the words and actions of other teens. Little is done. School boards may have anti violence policies on paper but do little with it. What will it take?

When will we stand up and say enough is enough?

Saturday, May 9, 2009


This year is my 12 th year of celebrating Mother's Day as a mom. My very first one I was living in Carlsbad, New Mexico. I had just become step mom to 3 little ones all under 8. My 2 jedi warriors and one little princess. I was also glowing well because Miss Roo was growing inside me.

For me it was a perfect simple day. Little did I know what motherhood would come to mean in the years since then. You see I got to step parent 3 amazing kids for just short of a year when my short marriage shattered around me and I was not allowed to have contact with the my warriors or the little princess.

I was a mom who has done it all solo style since day 1. I can remember holding Roo that first night and being absolutely terrified. I am grateful one of my really great girlfriends at the time was with me, she had coached me through the whole labor and really was my godsend in those first hours as a new mom.

You see when I became a mother for the first time I was homeless. I was a mother who was struggling, my marriage had just ended and I was staying at a Home for Battered Women. Mostly it was my soul that had been battered, that and my heart.

Roo was my healing ointment. She loved unconditionally and allowed me to do the same. She was my saving grace, she became teacher, friend, child, wise one all wrapped up in one.

In the years since there have been many twists, turns, triumphs and struggles as I am sure come with the role of being mother. For me the day I was told that Roo has Asperger's was a day that sent me into a different mode. I think when you find out that you have a special child, you come to realize you have to become a different kind of mother.

In the last 5 years I have had to be mom, advocate, friend, coach, Sargent, doctor, resource finder, and the list really doesn't end. For me, my daughter became my teacher. She allowed me to see the world in a very different way and because of that I have been forever changed. She makes be a better mother and nurturer. I am forever grateful that she is mine and I get the chance to raise her.

For all the mother's out there I want to wish you a Happy Mother's Day!

Sweet Saturday

It is rather early Saturday morning here. I woke up just before sunrise this morning and watched as the sun filled my new home office. I sipped mint tea and thought what a sweet Saturday morning. I know with me coming to work from home in a few short weeks this sort of thing will be a more frequent occurrence and for that I feel really blessed.

It has been a strange few days here in our house. There was a final goodbye to a young man who I helped raise up. His death makes me want to hang on tighter to my Roo.

There was a hello again as I made contact with someone else I helped raise up and we had a sweet conversation yesterday.

Roo continues to be bullied and again this week I filed another police report. This week she was being pelleted with rocks and sticks on the way home. There will now be an adult walking her home. Really here no one has taken responsibility for her safety on the walk home. I am hoping that works.

Both yesterday and today I am in my office as Roo works on Mother's Day projects. I wonder how many more homemade Mother's Days I will have? Roo is a tween in grade 5 now and I am wondering how much longer I have my little girl for. A mom can dream right?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Why do I blog?

1. Many years ago I thought it would be used as sort of an online journal.
2. I learned it was much more then a place to journal and I like that.
3. It lets me share the best of our lives.
4. I have always wanted to write even though I don't think I am a great one.
5. It helps me sort the thoughts in my head.
6.It is where I can share grown up things.
7.The community of bloggers is a wonderful place.
8. It allows me to share great photos and not so great ones to.
9. I allows me a voice when no one seems to be listening.
10. I can dream here.
11. I can hold myself accountable here.
12. I can share the journey of a single parent and a special needs child here.
13. Just maybe that story, our lives will touch someone else.

those are the reasons why I keep this blog here.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Lobster Season

It's Lobster season here in Nova Scotia and this is a common sight here right now.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Setting Up For A New Way of Life

Two weeks ago at work we were all called into a meeting and told that as of June 1st the project that we work on in a busy call center would cease to exist for us. We had two options.

1. Continue to offer Tech Support for the huge American company that we work on behalf of, but do it from home.


2.Transfer to another project, go through 8 weeks of training and be the low people on the spectrum as far as that team goes. As well it is not technical at all, it is insurance related and for me simply of no interest.

For me I chose option one. to be selected for option 1 you had to meet certain criteria. You had to test your home computer, have a quiet space that you could work in, buy a special headset, have high speed internet. I passed all the testing on Friday!

For me I will be working from home. This is something I have wanted for a long period of time. To operate from home gives me the chance to do work with my time and I no longer have a huge commute either. I am so looking forward to working from home and having time with my daughter. As well the schedule works well for me and that is a good thing. I am excited about this! For me this is an exciting adventure that is about to begin.

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