Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sweet Saturday

It is rather early Saturday morning here. I woke up just before sunrise this morning and watched as the sun filled my new home office. I sipped mint tea and thought what a sweet Saturday morning. I know with me coming to work from home in a few short weeks this sort of thing will be a more frequent occurrence and for that I feel really blessed.

It has been a strange few days here in our house. There was a final goodbye to a young man who I helped raise up. His death makes me want to hang on tighter to my Roo.

There was a hello again as I made contact with someone else I helped raise up and we had a sweet conversation yesterday.

Roo continues to be bullied and again this week I filed another police report. This week she was being pelleted with rocks and sticks on the way home. There will now be an adult walking her home. Really here no one has taken responsibility for her safety on the walk home. I am hoping that works.

Both yesterday and today I am in my office as Roo works on Mother's Day projects. I wonder how many more homemade Mother's Days I will have? Roo is a tween in grade 5 now and I am wondering how much longer I have my little girl for. A mom can dream right?


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