Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Scared Stiff!

OMG! I know I am good at my job. The awards and accolades over the years have told me so. But here I sit a nervous ninny! I started being a work at home mom last night with the onboarding (that means loading your computer with a heck load of tools that you need for work).

But we ran into a huge problem. They didn't not get my ID number into their system, which means when I got to get access to the server tonight I may not get in. They have told me this will be resolved by my start time and I pray it is.

I am also nervous because for my company I am one of a handful of agents being allowed to take calls from home. My great customer service skills got me here(OK, I am a good bs'er.).They goal will be to grow the program.

I am also nervous because my daughter Roo will have to keep it down to a dull roar, is that an okay expectation of a tween who loves music? I have bought her headphones so I should be okay in that department. Will she think she can interupt mommy at work? I have given her rules and guidelines and I hope she gets it. Time will tell. I am hopeful. I want this to work!

Have you ever been excited, nervous and scared stiff? How did you handle it? I think I have jumped off the bridge and I am just waiting for the landing.

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