Friday, June 12, 2009

Witnessing Miracles

A long time ago, I was married to who I thought was my forever guy and when were married I got blessed to be a step mom. Really I wasn't that wicked step mom. I was a pretty nice one, well most days I think.I got to be apart of 3 wonderful kids lives for a blip. The time I was married to their dad. When I fell for him I feel for each of his kids too, very much so, they were apart of me just like my daughter Roo is apart of me.

When we got divorced there was alot of meanness and I wont say I wasn't part of it. I was. What hurt most though was the fact that ties to the kids, Roo's older siblings were cut. She has had no real meaningful contact with her big brothers and sisters for years at their dad's choice.

Well guess who are now of age and can chose for themselves? Her siblings. Today I witnessed a miracle Roo talking to her big brother via video chat. He lives in Arizona. It was great for me to watch Roo get to know her big brother a bit. He even commented on one of her charcteristics being a family trait. It was so great to be apart of. Roo has always wanted to know them, maybe now that they are older they will want contact with her. I think Roo's life will be richer having them it but know what. They are at an age where they can choose. For me though today was the answer to years of prayer. I prayed that Roo at some point would be connected to each of her siblings. I was very glad to witness today. Got to say it left me with tears in my eyes.

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