Friday, February 7, 2014

Simply Imagine That Day

Can you imagine? Can you close your eyes and see it?

Can you see that day when it simply does not matter who you are, where you came from, your country of origin, your religion, your sexual orientation, your political stripes, the colour of your skin..that we treated each other well. Can you simply imagine?

I can hard as it is on days like today, when my mayor orders a Pride flag taken down, as hard as it is when some asks what is that garb on your head, as hard as it is as I monitor and witness abuse after abuse online...I can imagine.

What will it take to get to that great day? I am unsure.

I know for me someone who has flipped flopped and believed many things over the years, who has thought some pretty hard core things for periods of time, I am unsure. What I do imagine? Kindness, mercy, investigation, a getting to know your neighbor, an inclusion.

So often we disconnect. We choose to brutalize each other with our tongues, with our thoughts, with our actions. It hurts. The pain is real. Then we disconnect, we don't talk, we let hate and discord fester. How about we seek connection instead. How about we imagine on that great day that nothing else matters and we can reach out in love, in mercy, in forgiveness, in kindness and seek to understand. Wouldn't that be something?

I can imagine that day. Can you close your eyes and see it?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Judgement and Faith

Some recent events including a conversation with a friend, it being awards season and all that goes on with it this time of year. I began to think about how quick we are to judge each other, to make unsolicited comments, to mock, to tease, and to justify not only our questioning but our own way of thinking. This happens especially in areas of religion. I remember being a Southern Baptist youth and attending classes and being taught many of other faiths were not only wrong but in cults, when they were simply finding another way, another path to God.

Often we are more then our brother or sisters keeper we often are their judge and jury as well.

In the Gospel of Mattew it says this

From the New International Version.

Last night I was at the Canadian Sufi Cultural Center, I loved the fellowship, and was reminded of two little facts. I have been a spiritual person all of my life but that spirit has been has been one that questions, one that wonders, that wondering has lead me on many a spiritual walk. I have been blessed to have walked alongside leaders, scholars, and the average joe of many faiths and learned so much over the years as I have walked my own personal path of faith. The fact that I have been a spiritual wanderer is of little significance, it really doesn't matter. As I was reminded last night there are many paths to God, not one.

Often we are quick to look at our differences, to judge, to question another how about instead we look for the ways we are the same. As I approach middle age for me I am finding now I can see the similarities more clearly, the ways of kindness, the ways of love. Too often we look at our differences and judge, how about trying a cloak of love, a cloak of kindness?

Many are turning from organized religion because they see dogma, infighting and the politics of places of worship, they see judgement on those of another faith, they are turned off. I know I have been. This will not change, unless there is a change in mindset.

One of the greatest commandments we are given no matter our faith, is to LOVE.

You can not love, with judgement. You can not show kindness and judge, you can show compassion and love.

I have found when I embrace compassion and love wherever and whenever I can I am a better woman, a better human. My goal is to reach out in love and kindness, to embrace differences, to seek the beauty in it all, and to remember that the individual paths to God are going to be different, but that is quite ok.

Whether you see me at the Sufi Center, a masjid, a church, a temple, or even attending a PowWow my goal is to learn, to grow, to be a woman of faith, of love, of compassion and courage. I think that makes me pretty much on the right path for me.

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